List of Characters/Analysis of Main Characters

Mrs. Mallard/ Louise is the main character of the story who has a heart condition.  This is stated to the reader in the first line of the story.  When her husband "died", she faked being sad but she actually was not.  She had a new sense of herself after the death because she could live by herself and live freely.  Louise died at the end of the story when her husband walked through the front door.  She died of a heart attack when she realized that her husband's presence would take away her freedom to live for herself.  Mrs. Mallard's sister/ Josephine helps to break the news to Louise that Brently had died. She tries to comfort Louise.  Mr. Mallard's Friend/ Richards helps Josephine to break the news to Mrs. Mallard.  He also tries to shield Louise from seeing her husband when he walks into the house at the end of the story.  Mr. Mallard/ Brently controlled Mrs. Mallard's life in a non harmful way.  The Doctors show up at the end of the story and make a diagnosis of her death as a "joy that kills". They were wrong though about their assumption because Louise was sad to see her husband still alive.

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