Biography on Kate Chopin

                                                                          Kate Chopin

          Kate Chopin is a renowned American author who was born February 8th, 1850 and passed away on August 22nd, 1904 at the age of 54.  She grew up with four siblings but her sisters died at a very young age and her half brothers died in their early twenties.  Of the five, she was the only one to exceed the age of twenty five. From a very young age, five years old, Kate O'Flaherty attended boarding school at The Sacred Heart Academy in Saint Louis and she ended up graduating from the school in 1868.  Kate Chopin married at the age of 20 and had six children by the age of 28.  She did not begin writing until 1884 which was her solution to making a living after her husbands death.  She resulted to this because she was unable to run her husband's company after his death so she sold the company.  Chopin published her first piece in 1889 which was a poem called "If It Might Be" and in 1894, she published "The Story of An Hour".  Her first and most famous novel was The Awakening which she published in 1899. The novel was inspired by the story of a New Orleans woman.  Chopin's last story was published in 1902, entitled "Polly", before her death a couple of years later caused by cerebral hemorrhage. Chopin's house later became a national historic landmark which was destroyed by a fire in 2008.

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